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    In order to start trading with Binarium you have to top up your account. Minimum deposit amount is 9$ or 700 RUB.

    No, since you have already agreed to the client agreement upon registration.

    At the moment, trading on our platform is unavailable for clients from Israel and Ukraine.

    Binarium gets commission from each open trade, therefore we are interested in building a long- term partnerships with our clients.

    Time on Binarium platform is set to GMT +0, however each client can set a convenient time zone in his private account.

    If you wish to be contacted by our support team please send a request through our online chat or by email at [email protected]

    You can find many learning materials in our ‘Education’ section. Moreover, each of our clients has a possibility to go through personal training with one of our leading analysts. For additional information please contact our client support at [email protected]

    It is a financial product that enables you to speculate on many different financial assets. The specificity of binary options is that you simply have to predict if the asset price will be higher or lower than its initial price within a set time period.

    *You can find more detailed information in the ‘Education’ section on our webpage.

    It is a financial instrument used to determine the strike price of the contract. They are generally categorised as commodities, indices, stocks or currency pairs that can be traded as a binary option.

    Platform time corresponds to the time zone specified by you during the registration. If you wish to change the time zone, please do so in your private cabinet.

    Trading hours for each asset, as well as their description, can be found in the ‘Asset Catalog’ section on our website.

    No, since our platform is connected solely to the site.

    The time and date at which a binary option will automatically expire.

    It is the price of financial assets at the time of expiration of the option. This is the price used to evaluate whether the option is profitable or not.

    It is an option considered profitable, if an assets price has gone up at the time of expiration.

    It is an option that provides the trader with a predetermined profit when the underlying asset at the time of expiration is lower than when it was purchased.

    No, registration on our website is free of charge.

    To register, all you have to do is: fill in all the information required and press ‘Start Trading’ button

    If you have any problems during the registration process, please contact our client support via our online chat or by sending an email to [email protected]

    During the registration process, you will be asked to choose a currency in which you prefer to trade, EUR/USD or RUB.

    Minimum deposit on our platform is 9 USD/EUR or 700 RUB.

    You can add money to your account using credit cards Visa/MasterCard/Maestro, as well as using QIWI, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Neteller, Sberbank.online, China Union Pay, Mobile commerce and Cryptocurrency.

    Adding money is an immediate process.

    Binarium does not have any limitations regarding the maximum deposit amount.

    You can withdraw money from your account using the same method you have chosen to top up your account.

    The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 USD/EUR or 400 RUB.

    Binarium does not charge any fees for money withdrawal.

    It takes from 1 to 5 working days to withdraw the funds on a credit card, and 1 working day to withdraw on e-wallet, such as QIWI, Yandex.Money and WebMoney, after your request has been processed.

    Withdrawal application consists of 2 steps – submission of request by the client, and company confirmation of the request. After those steps have been done, the request is considered as executed and the funds will be withdrawn from the account. A time needed for processing depends on the type of clients account. For VIP clients, the withdrawal is processed immediately upon the request; Business account requests are processed within 1 working day; Premium account requests are processed within 3 working days and Basic account request may take up to 5 working days to process.

    Withdrawal of funds is available only to the payment system and payment details, from which the funds were added to an account. In case the withdrawal to such system is impossible, the company shall coordinate funds withdrawal method with a client.

    If a client uses a bank card for depositing funds to an account on the platform, then the withdrawal on the card will be available for a sum which does not exceed an amount credited, and no later than 90 calendar days from the moment of adding funds to an account.

    The gained profit can be withdrawn on alternative payment systems. If you used Sberbank online service for adding funds to an account, you can make withdrawal on any of the alternative e-wallets, after preliminary authorization of an account. To do that, you should send a scanned copy of passport of the owner of a trading account, and a statement from Sberbank online with an information on transaction confirming the adding of funds in Binarium, to the support team.

    There is no need to provide documents during the withdrawal, since the funds will be withdrawn onto the same card, from which a deposit was made. If a few credit cards were used for this purpose, the full authorization of a card owner is obligatory. This includes a copy of an owner's ID, as well as a photo/scan of the cards from both sides. If there is no name on owner's cards, it is necessary to provide a bank confirming the transaction.

    Our company is not responsible for paying its clients taxes. Please check tax legislation within your country or contact the State Revenue Service to get more detailed information.

    You can find full history of your closed trades in the ‘Expired positions’ section on the Trading page.

    Funds which have been credited by our company to your trading account, to increase your sales potential.

    These funds shall be credited in accordance with the bonus or promotions conditions offered by our company. Some of the reasons for getting bonus funds from Binarium:
    1. Welcome bonus, which is added to your first deposit
    2. Bonus on the following deposit, for our clients with Premium and Business accounts
    3. Pay-out of the trade insurance, according to its terms
    4. Prize distribution between all contestants of the Trader Contest who won
    5. Size and Terms of bonus funds may change, according to our company promotions.

    Enrolment of bonus funds shall be made within one working day from the date of account funding or other action as a result of which the trader is entitled to receive the bonus.

    If a bonus is added to your deposit, you have the right to withdraw the profit obtained from it, but in case of partial withdrawal of the deposit, the bonus funds are reset to zero, since they are given to a trader as an additional instrument for making profit.

    To get the bonus, you should send your request to the client support, or contact your personal manager.

    After adding new funds to your account, you cannot obtain bonus on a previous deposit. An exception is the non-working hours of the company, when a client cannot receive a bonus (night time, holidays, and weekends), in such cases the bonus is added to all account replenishments made during this period.

    If by the time of adding the bonus, client account balance is less than the minimum investment, the company can refuse it.

    After depositing funds, a certain number of risk-free trades can be assigned to your account, depending on the total amount which you have deposited.

    First trades, after the money has been deposited to your account, are the ones which are secured. A sum of secured trades should not exceed the deposit amount, as well as each trade cannot be more than 33% from the deposited amount. In case this rule is violated, your trades will not be secured.

    If by the end of risk-free trades the balance on the clients account is lower then the deposit, Binarium will сompensate the difference with bonuses. Those bonuses will be added to a clients account and will account for a standard bonus.

    Please contact our client support to get more information.

    If you wish to withdraw your bonus funds, you have to submit a withdrawal request.

    However, in order to make a bonus available for withdrawal, a trader must reach a certain level of trade turnover, which equals to a sum of the bonus multiplied by 30. Calculation of the trade turnover starts from the moment the bonus has been added to an account. Cancelled and sold trades are not taken into account.

    Profit from trading with bonus funds is a trader’s property, and is available for withdrawal.

    For more information about bonus withdrawal and requested trade turnover please contact our client support, [email protected]

    In case of a non deposit bonus, in order to withdraw the bonus or profit made from it, you have to reach a trade turnover, which equals to a sum of the bonus multiplied by 40.

    In order to keep the Business account status, and to obtain its services, a minimum sum which should be on the trading balance in any time, should be no less than 2000 $ or the equivalent sum in another currency. This sum consists of your current balance, and of the operational funds used in open transactions.

    The maximum amount of 1 option investment is 1500 USD/EUR or 100 000 RUB.

    The minimum size of 1 option investment is 1 USD/EUR or 50 RUB.

    For the "60 Second" option the minimum size of investment is 1 USD/EUR or 50 RUB.

    For the "Pairs" option the minimum size of investment is 1 USD/EUR or 50 RUB.

    For the "Long Term" option the minimum size of investment is 1 USD/EUR or 50 RUB.

    For the "One Touch" option the minimum size of investment is 50 USD/EUR or 2500 RUB.

    For the "Ladder" option the minimum size of investment is 25 USD/EUR or 1250 RUB.

    For the "Spot follow" option the minimum size of investment is 5 USD/EUR or 250 RUB.

    ‘Double Up’ function allows you to open a new trade that is exactly the same as the current trade except that it opens at the current rate. This allows you to double your profits from the trade in the shortest time, as you do not have to re- enter all the same conditions that you did when first invested.

    This feature allows you to increase the amount of time your option has until expiration. When you use this feature you are exchanging your option for an option that has more time to expiration. In order to do this you will have to up your existing investment by 30% (this amount will be deducted from your trading account). Each trade can be extended only once. If you wish to use ‘Roll Over’ feature, you will have to make sure that:
    1.Active option should be in a loss
    2. Next expiration time should not be the last one for today
    3. There is over 15 minutes left until the expiration time

    This feature makes it possible for the trader to sell an open trade back to their broker. This feature is available, if the expiration time of your open position is no less than 5 minutes. When the open position is in the money, the position can be sold for a profit. When the open position is out of the money, the position can be sold for less than the investment amount in order to reduce a possible total loss. When you press the ‘Sell’ button, the pay-out amount will appear on the screen, which you will receive on your account if you confirm. An option cannot be sold, if at the time its price varies considerably from the time when it was bought, and an option is in a loss.

    You can trade binary options during the trading hours, Monday to Friday.

    ‘One Touch’ options are tradable when all financial markets are closed during: weekends, holidays, and after-hours.
    *Please refer to our ‘Education’ section for more detailed information.

    This could have happened due to the following reasons:
    1. You do not have sufficient funds on your account
    2.You are trying to invest less than the minimum requested amount.
    3. Too close to an options expiration time.

    This is because the markets are constantly moving, leading to asset price changes.

    Your possible profit may be up to 85% from your initial investment. ‘One Touch’ options allow to earn up to 300%-600% profit, depending on the asset you have chosen.

    All you have to do is: choose an asset, its expiration time, its predicted direction of price movement Up or Down, enter the size of the investement and press ‘Accept’.

    *After you have pressed ‘Accept’ you only have 3 seconds to cancel the trade if you wish to do so.

    Yes, you can find all of your opened trades in the section ‘Open Positions’ on the page.

    Please go to ‘Trade History’ section on the main page.

    Please go to our ‘Markets’ section, and press ‘Expiry Rates’ to get the information needed.

    All the information related to trades is saved on the brokers server. Information such as: chosen asset, opening and closing price, opening and closing time of the trade. You can find this information in your ‘Transaction History’ section.
    In the event of a possible conflict sutiation and with a request from a client, broker can perform a reconciliation of its own data with the provider’s data. An answer will be received no later than 72 hours from the moment the request has been filed, and passed on to the client straight after.

    Trading on Binarium platform during weekends and holidays is based on the economic law of supply and demand. This means that an asset’s price changes according to the demand for this particular asset.

    Binary options quotes are calculated by the supply and demand prices averaging formula for a specified asset. Forex quotes for demand and supply can have different values. In addition, the quotes can vary due to the fact that they come from different sources (Reuters, Bloomberg, and other resources). These sources can receive this information from tens or even hundreds of other banks simultaneously. Thus, the quotations on the Binarium trading platform may not coincide with the quotations of other trading platforms and sources with an 100% precision.

    A spread is the difference between the buying and the selling price of a security or asset.

    You can take advantage of the offers and participate in the promotions that were offered: on the Binarium web-site, in the e-mails, sent by company, in an online chat, by the company's traders. The company has the right to exclude you from all events and offers if you have violated any terms of the client agreement.